Manufacturer Registration

( * GACC Registration valid 5 years * Application Fee $780 * Application time 2-3 weeks )

1. Step

Select products category
Fill in the applicant information.

2. Submit

Pay registration fee to GACC
Enter the application process.

3. Approved

Get your certificate
not a long waiting.

Please choose relevant of product type

The following product categories are approved to enter the China market

Soft drinks and drinking wate, Sugar and sugar products, Finely processed food, Processed flavorings of plant origin, Other plant origin food, Canned foods, Different types Alcoholic beverage and Wine and whiskey etc, Pastry biscuits and crackers, Candied (preserved) Cigarette and cigar, Different tea, Other processed foods, Bird nest products, bee products, eggs and egg products, edible oils and fats, oilseeds, stuffed wheaten products, edible grains, milled grain industry products and malt, fresh and dehydrated, fresh vegetable Fruit or frozen fruit, dried beans, condiments, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, unroasted coffee and cocoa beans, foods for special dietary purposes, and health foods (excluding medicines).

Applicant Information

Manufacturer Application Fee $ 780

Credit card  Cards

GACC registration valid for 5 years.

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Register & Certification Process

Ms. Susei
Phone: +86 (400) 656-9988 # 1802
No. 9-1 Madian East Road Haidian District Beijing



Mr. Li xiao
Phone: +86 400-656-9988 # 1803
No. 9-1 Madian East Road Haidian District Beijing

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