GACC Certificate Renewal

( * GACC certificate annual renewal 12 months * Application Fee $190 * Application time 7-8 days )

GACC Exporter Certificate

1. Step

Enter your certificate No
Fill in the annual renewal information.

2. Submit

Pay annual renewal fee to GACC
Start the renewal process.

3. Approved

Get new certificate
not a long waiting.

Annual renewal application

In order to keep the registration number valid for a long time in China Customs, GACC certificate holder Required to complete annual renewal with China customs.

Applicant Information

Annual Renewal Application Fee $190

Credit card  Cards

New certificate valid for 12 months

Applicants statement

Our enterprise application for annual renewal overseas exporter / producer provider, ensure compliance with the Overseas Exporters of Imported Foods with the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) in accordance with the "Administrative Measures on Imported and Exported Food Safety" (GACC Decree No. 248 and 249 of the General Administration of Customs in 2022). The information provided by the true and accurate.

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Register & Certification Process

Ms. Susei
Phone: +86 12360 # 1802
No. 9-1 Madian East Road Haidian District Beijing



Mr. Li xiao
Phone: +86 12360 # 1803
No. 9-1 Madian East Road Haidian District Beijing

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