Manufacturer Registration Application

One HS Code corresponds to one registration number,
Select the correct HS code to submit your application at GACC.

GACC certificate
Medium-risk food categories for Manufacturer Registration (GACC-II)

Bee products

Eggs and egg products

Stuffed pastry products

Edible grains

Grain milling industrial products and malt

Fresh and dehydrated vegetables, Dried beans

Natural plant spices

Nuts and seeds

Dried fruits

Unroasted coffee and cocoa beans

Functional foods

Frozen fruit

Low-risk food categories for Manufacturer Registration (GACC-I)

Vegetables and vegetable products (Fresh and dehydrated vegetables are excluded)

Grain products and other products


Nuts and seeds products

Biscuits, cakes and bread

Sugars (including raw sugar,sugar, lactose, syrup, etc.)

Confectionery, Chocolate (including chocolate, cocoa butter substitute chocolate and its products)

Roasted coffee beans, cocoa beans and other products (Excluding chocolate)