License No.CompanyCountryProduct typeValidity date
A826041679J & H SALES INTERNATIONAL LTDUnited Kingdom1,2,6,72024/12/31
A360190103PT. SURYA BATAM CEMERLANGIndonesia2,6,72024/6/30
A008150228ZODIAC SH.P.K.Albania6,72023/8/31
A036060208GLOBAL RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL PTY LTDAustralia1,2,6,72023/7/11
A036130005RESOURCE TRADING GROUP PTY LTDAustralia1,6,72024/4/30
A036150229ATON INTERNATIONAL PTY LTDAustralia1,2,6,72023/8/31
A036150232BRADKEN RESOURCES PTY LIMITEDAustralia62023/8/31
A036150233SUN'S GLOBAL TRADE PTY LTDAustralia1,2,6,72023/8/31
A036150408GENUINE RECYCLING GROUP PTY LTDAustralia1,2,6,72024/2/28
A036150411DRIALL (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD.Australia1,4,2,6,72024/2/28
A036160002AUSTRALIA RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL PTY. LTD.Australia1,2,3,6,72024/3/31
A036160003MAHAJAN RECYCLING PTY LTDAustralia1,4,2,6,72024/3/31
A036160137DDT HOLDINGS PTY LTDAustralia1,4,2,6,72024/10/31
A036190051CLEANAWAY PTY LTDAustralia1,22024/4/14
A036190052YUTAI GLOBAL TRADING PTY LTDAustralia62024/4/14

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