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Registration No.CompanyCountryValid until
CITA23012406202544Perlage SRL
CESP23012406201369BODEGAS VILANO, S.COOP.Spain
CMYS20012406200120Nova Laboratories Sdn BhdMalaysia2029/06/20
QBRA1324051400009RAFAEL RIBEIRO VINHAL Brazil2029/04/30
CUSA17022310230027Alamance Foods, Inc.United States2028/11/20
CUSA01012311240066Jensen Meat Company Inc.United States2028/11/19
CAUS23012404300499SMYBB Pty Ltd
CUSA23022404300090CRESCENDO INC.United States2029/04/30
CPRT23012211100233Granacer-Administração de Bens, S.A.Portugal2025/05/06
CAUS23022404260105Kangaroo Island DistilleryAustralia2029/04/28
CAUS23012404160397SMYBB Pty LtdAustralia2029/04/16
CAUS23012404160400SMYBB Pty LtdAustralia2029/04/16
False applicationSofTab Technologies Inc.CanadaInvalid
CUSA31062404160031Aveka Nutra ProcessingUnited States2029/04/16
CITA24082404090045Herbal and Antioxidant Derivatives S.R.L.Italy2029/04/16

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