Register No.CompanyFeed typeValid until
84023000800US Commodities LLCFeed Products2028/12/05
83423000041TEE TE COMPANY LIMITEDFeed Products2028/12/05
QIND1223071300003M/s Adani Wilmar Ltd.Feed Products2028/07/13
QROU1223071300002S.C. Agricost S.AFeed Products2028/07/13
QROU1223071300001S.C. Agricost S.AFeed Products2028/07/13
QIND1223071300002M/s Adani Wilmar Ltd.Feed Products2028/07/13
QIND1223071300005M/s Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited Feed Products2028/07/13
64223000011AGROZOOTEHNICA PIETROIU SAFeed Products2028/10/10
03623000380Nepean River Dairy Pty Limited
Feed Products2028/6/30
07623000062Biomart Nutricao Animal Importacao e ExportacaoFeed Products2028/4/17

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